Learn everything you need to convert a van into a camper

We take you through every step of converting a van, starting with the preparation stage, we then move through things like sound proofing, insulation, electrics, solar, floor, walls & ceiling, gas, plumbing, heating, storage and much more.
camper van preparation


Learn all the techniques to prepare your van for a camper conversion - from rust treatment to sealing leaks and everything in between.
van conversion


All aspects of a camper van conversion covered - from insulation to plumbing, electrics, solar, heating all the way to the finishing touches.
living in a van


Tips to make living and travelling in your van comfortable and fun. Here we cover things like finding camping spots, water, cooking etc.

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Van preparation: Treating surface rust

Rust is just a part of vanlife, if you’ve bought or are considering buying an old van, there will likely be surface rust in some places. This could be in places where the paint cracked or chipped off, near the gutters, inside doors and other areas where water has gathered and not drained. Surface rust […]

Van preparation: Stripping out your van

Most likely, the first thing you’ll be doing in your DIY camper conversion is stripping out various fixtures and fittings from your van. Whether you’ve bought a panel van, minibus, Luton van, or any other vehicle, there will be trim, fittings and possibly seats to be removed before you start your van conversion. After stripping […]

Planning a campervan conversion: the essentials

Planning a campervan conversion project is an exciting process, and it’s only natural to get a little carried away thinking about all the cool things you could put in your own DIY campervan. However, there’s actually very few essentials that you need in a camper. In this guide we’ll show you the bare essentials you’ll need […]

Soundproofing my camper van

Converting a van into a comfortable home on wheels can be a challenge. Vans weren’t essentially built to become campers, so there is a great deal details that needs to go into a camper conversion project. One of these is soundproofing. To understand what is needed to soundproof a camper, first you’ll need to know what […]

12v laptop car charger – powering my laptop without an inverter

I use my laptop a lot, for work, editing photos, internet and most often for producing music. For this reason, I need a reliable laptop charger in my van. Something I can use daily that doesn’t kill the van’s leisure batteries. I also wanted a laptop charger that runs without the use of my inverter, […]

Camper van elasticated storage nets

Fitting Elasticated Storage Nets To My Camper Van One of the challenges of living in a van is storage space; you seem to always need more storage, and spend your time playing Tetris with your belongings – using every available gap to store something. Having lived in my self built camper for 6 months, I […]

3 way camper van fridge

Finding the right camper van fridge So I’ve spent quite some time researching before I decided on the right camper van fridge for my DIY campervan build. I had a set of criteria that I wanted, and the fridge I chose fit all these. Not to mention that it looks super hot! The criteria I was […]

12V LED camper van lighting

Planning my camper van lighting set-up Since I started to plan my van conversion, I put a good amount of thought into interior lighting. I have a solar panel on the roof and 2 leisure batteries, so energy supply shouldn’t be a problem, but I still wanted to preserve energy wherever possible, so I decided […]